Big Fish Story
Big Fish Technology

Big Fish Surfboards is dedicated to the idea that just because you are over 40 or over 180 pounds doesn't mean you want to give up any hope of ripping it up a bit when you go surfing. Stuck between the tiny potato chip thrusters the kids ride, and regressing into longboards, what's a man to do? A hodge podge of 'fun shapes' generally sacrificed performance for a little more size and volume. After years of hard research, and many false starts, the team at Big Fish has developed a hot new design that will let you actually paddle well enough to catch waves, and still throw some significant spray off the top!

The Fish design has been around for decades, but has primarily been used in smaller sizes and smaller surf. However, many of us remember Mark Richards, four time world champion, defining modern carve and slash surfing on his 'twinnie'. Can that design be adapted to longer lengths? The answer is a resounding yes! The result is the patent pending Big Fish design. At lengths up to 8 feet, and wide and thin, the Big Fish has all the blinding horizontal speed of the original fish when pushed off the bottom or pumped along the top. With two fulcrums to turn on, slashing direction changes happen almost instantly. It is an amazing ride. Ridden successfully in small beach break slop up to double overhead grinders, the Big Fish could be just what your surfing needs.